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Standard PCB
Standard PCB
Standard PCB


In SkyGlory, Standard PCB service refers to full feature printed circuit board manufacturing service. With 15+ years' experience in PCB fabrication, we have handled hundreds of thousands of PCB projects, and covered almost all kinds of substrate materials including FR4, Aluminum, Rogers, etc. This page only touches standard FR4 based PCB. For PCBs with special technical substrate, please refer to corresponding webpages for information.

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Single Side PCB/Single-sided PCB

Advantages to Standard PCB With LingtechPCB:


LingtechPCB everything from prototype to fabrication to assembly. We have been


fabricating high quality standard PCB for over ten years and are fully


compliant with ISO9001:2008 quality standards. All of our


standard PCBs are IPC2 compliant, and we do strict internal quality


assurance testing to ensure the board that arrives at your facility


is one you know you can rely on.


We offer PCB solutions that fit your budget. You can order just a few


prototype boards to test your design, and then place a bulk order


for your standard PCBs to save even more money. We’ll give you a


free instant quote so you’ll know just want to expect and so that


you can plan accordingly. We also offer complete technical support


from PCB experts. Call us up, chat online or email us with any


questions, whichever is the most convenient for you. We’ll handle


your concerns or questions as quickly as possible. We have obtained


over 99% customer satisfaction rate, and as soon as you start


ordering printed circuit boards from LingtechPCB,


you’ll find out why.


 Comprehensive capabilities can be found in the following table:


No. Item-Double/Multi Layers Description Data and Model
1 Layer Layer 1-70
2 Material Brand SYITEQKBNOUYA
3 Surface treatment HASL lead-free,Immersion GoldOSPImmersion TinImmersion Silver
Plating GoldPlating TinENEPIG
4 Selectivity surface treatment ENIG+OSPENIG+G/FFlash Gold+G/FImmersion Silver+G/FImmersion
5 Solder mask color green.yellow.black.matte black.blue.red.white.matte green
6 Silkscreen color White,yellow,black
7 Max board size with 2L mm 2000*500
8 Max board size with 4L,6L mm 570*850 or 1150*430(Exceeding 570MM shall be reviewed)
9 Max board size with more than 8L mm 570*670 or 980*430(Exceeding 570MM shall be reviewed)
10 MiN board size mm 0.5*1.0mm(thickness≤0.5mm)1.0*2.0mm(thickness≥0.5mm)
11 Min outline tolerance mm ±0.05mm(Laser Routing) ±0.1mm(Mechanical Routing)
12 Board Thickness mm 0.13-8mm
13 Double side board thickness mm 0.13-3.6mm
14 4Layers board thickness mm 0.30-7mm
15 6Layers board thickness mm 0.6-8mm(6L)0.8-8mm(8L)1.0-8mm(10L)1.0-8mm(12L)
16 The tolerance of board thickness mm ±0.1mm(thickness≤1.0mm)±10%mm(thickness>1.0mm)
17 Min Drilling hole size mm 0.075-0.1mm(Laser)0.15mm(Mechanical)
18 Single Max Drilling mm 6.5mm(Drill Bit)
19 Max Drilling mm 50mm
20 Min PTH tolerance mm ±0.05mm±0.075mm
21 Min NPTH tolerance mm ±0.05mm(Limitation+0-0.05mm or +0.05-0mm)
22 Min hole tolerance mm ±0.075mm
23 Max Drilling tolerance mm ±0.1mm
24 Slot hole mm 0.5-6mm
25 Min slot hole length mm 1.0mm
26 Slot hole aspect ratio mm 1:2
27 Min slot hole tolerance mm Slot width±0.15mm
28 Min slot hole tolerance mm Slot width direction±0.10slot length direction±0.15
29 Countersink hole angle & size Big hole8290120degreedia≤10mm
30 Countersink hole angle & size PTH & NPTHBig hole angle 130degreeThe dia of the large hole is not
greater than 6.3mm
31 Min pattern width / spacing mm 0.075mm/0.075mm
32 Pattern width tolerance mm ±20um
33 Min pad mm 0.15mm
34 FR-4 PP 1061080331321167628
35 Mult press blind buried hole production Press on the same side≤5
36 Max bore diameter of pad hole plug hole mm 0.4 Multi press blind & buried hole board
37 Min thickness of inner mm 0.05(none blind buried hole)0.13(blind buried hole)
38 Min inner mil 3(18um base copper)4(35um base copper)≥3mil
39 Inner layer treatment Brown Oxygen
40 Min inner pattern spacing(105um base mil 5
copperafter compensation)
41 Min inner layer pattern spacing(140um base mil 7
copperafter compensation)
42 Min innner layer pattern spacing(18um base mil 3
copperafter compensation)
43 Min inner layer pattern spacing(35um base mil 3.5
copperafter compensation)
44 Min inner layer pattern spacing(70um base mil 4
copperafter compensation)
45 Min inner layer pattern width(105umbase mil 5
copperbefore compensation)
46 Min inner layer pattern width(140um base mil 7
copperbefore compensation)
47 Min inner layer pattern width(18um base mil 3
copperbefore compensation)
48 Min inner layer pattern width(35um base mil 3
copperbefore compensation)
49 Min inner layer pattern width(70um base mil 4
copperbefore compensation)
50 Min outer layer pattern spacing(105um mil 6
base copperafter compensation)
51 Min outer layer pattern spacing(1218um mil 3.0(18um)2.5(12um)
base copperafter compensation)
52 Min outer layer pattern spacing(140um mil 7
base copperafter compensation)
53 Min outer layer pattern spacing(35um base mil 3.5
copperafter compensation)
54 Min outer layer pattern spacing (70um base mil 5
copperafter compensation)
55 Min outer layer pattern width(105um base mil 8
copperbefore compensation)
56 Min outer layer pattern width(1218um mil 3.5(18um)3(12um)
base copperbefore compensation)
57 Min outer layer pattern width(140um base mil 9
copperbefore compensation)
58 Min outer layer pattern width(35um base mil 4.5
copperbefore compensation)
59 Min outer layer pattern width(70um base mil 6
copperbefore compensation)
60 Min.spacing from pattern to pad, pad to pad mil 3(1218um)3.5(35um)5(70um)6(105140um)
for outer layer(after compensation)
Min.outer pattern and spacing with
61 blind/buried holes plated many times(>=2 mil 3.5/3.5 (before compensation)
62 Min distance from inner layer edge without mil 10
copper leakage
63 Min inner layer isolation width mil 8
64 Min inner layer isolation ring mil 8(≤6layer)10(≥8layer)
65 Min single side width of inner padnone mil 4.5(1835umCan be partial 4)6(70um)8(105um)
blind buried hole
66 Min single side width of inner padlaser mil 3
67 Impedance tolerance % ±5Ω(<50Ω)±10%(≥50Ω);≥50Ω ±5% need to
evaluate when it requests)、
68 Min BGA pad diameter mil 7mil
69 Min pad diameter mil 12(0.10mmMechanical or laser drilling)
70 Min hole copper thincknessnone blind um average 25min single point≥20
buried hole
71 Min hole copper thinckness(blind buried hle um averager 20min single point≥18
72 PP thickness(min) um 0.075(only H oz base copper)
73 ENIG: gold thickness um 0.025-0.10
74 ENIG; nickle thickness um 3-5
75 Immersion silver.silver thickness um 0.1-0.3
76 Min HASL LeadFree/pure tin thickness um 0.4
77 Gold Finger:gold thickness um 0.25-1.3(The required value is the thinnest point)
78 Gold Finger:nickle thickness um 3-5
79 Flash Gold: gold thickness um 0.025-0.10
80 Golden finger chamfer Angle tolerance ±5°
81 Golden finger chamfering margin tolerance mil ±5
82 Min gold finger length inch 2
83 Min distance between gold fingers mil 6
84 Gold finger next to the TAB does not hurt mm 7(Means automatic chamfering)
the min distance
85 Long and short gold finger Can be combined with various surface treatments
86 Surface treatment for long and short gold Immersion goldFlash gold
87 Immersion tin:Tin thickness um 0.8-1.5
88 Electroplate hard gold thick um 0.15-1.3
89 Flash Gold: nickle thickness um 3-5
90 Max borad thickness of mechanical drilling mm 0.60
91 Max borad thickness of mechanical drilling mm 1.20
92 Max borad thickness of router bit 0.25mm mm 5
93 Bow and twist capability limit % 0.1(need to evaluate when it requests ≤0.3
94 Max Dry film sealing slot 5mm*3.0mmMore than one side of sealing hole15mil
95 Min unilateral width of dry film sealing hole mil 10
96 Max diameter of dry film sealing hole mm 4.5
97 Min width of solder mask opening mil 8
98 Min solder mask thickness um 10
99 Min S/M bridge width mil 3(green)5(other color)(base copper≤1OZ)(base coppe2-4OZAll in
accordance with the 6mil)
100 Min unilateral width of solder mask mil 2.5(Allow local2mil)
101 Min solder mask opening (sing side) mil 2(Flash gold local 1.5other allow local 1)
102 Max diameter of ink plug hole(both side) mm 0.65
103 Thickness of solder mask ink through hole um 5/8
104 V-CUT Angle specifications 20°30°45°60°
105 V-CUT(1.0<H≤1.6mm) mm 0.36(20°)0.4(30°)0.5(45°)0.6(60°)
106 V-CUT(1.6<H≤2.4mm) mm 0.42(20°)0.51(30°)0.64(45°)0.8(60°)
107 V-CUT(2.5≤H≤3.0mm) mm 0.47(20°)0.59(30°)0.77(45°)0.97(60°)
108 V-CUT(H≤1.0mm) mm 0.3(20°)0.33(30°)0.37(45°)0.42(60°)
109 V-CUT Symmetry tolerance mil ±4
110 V-CUT Angle tolerance o ±5°
111 V-CUT Residue thickness mil ±4
112 Blue glue white mesh plug hole max mm 2
113 Min single side of blue cover pattern or pad mil 2
114 Max diameter of blue plastic aluminum plug mm 4.5
115 Min isolation between blue glue and pad mil 12
116 Min single side carbon cap pattern mil 2
117 Min isolation between carbon and pad mil 8
118 Min isolation between carbon and carbon mil 12
119 Min gridding spacing mil 5121835 um)、870 um
120 Min gridding width mil 5121835 um)、1070 um
121 Min silk width and height(1218um base width4milheight23mil
122 Min silk width and height(35um base width5milheight30mil
123 Min silk width and height(70um base width 6milheight45mil
124 Min isolation of silk and pad mil 6
125 Min test on resistance Ω 10
126 Min distance from test point to edge mm 0.5
127 Max test current mA 200
128 Max test voltage V 250
129 WNH mil 3.9
130 Min test pad mil 3.9
131 Min etch logo width mil 8(1218um)10(35um)1270um
132 Outline tolerance(edge to edge) mil ±4(Complex outlin and inner grooves with this requirement shall be reviewed)
133 Min inner angular radius mm 0.4
134 Depth control slot holeedgeor Blind slot mm ±0.10
Special tolerance requirements for board
135 thicknessNo interlayer structure mm ≤2.0±0.12.0-3.0±0.15≥3.0±0.2
136 Max ratio of plate thickness to hole 20:1(not inclue≤0.2mm diametermore than 12:1 shall be reviewed))
137 Min hole diameter mm 0.45
138 Outline method Routing,V-CUT,Stamp-hole
139 Min router bit diameter of outline mm 0.6
140 Min. distance from hole to trace(Not mil 6(≤8layers)8(≤14layers)9(≤28layers)
blind/buried holes)
141 Min. distance from hole to trace (blind / mil 9(Press one time)10(press two times or three times)
buried holes)
142 Min distance from hole to trace(Laser drill, 1 mil 6
or 2-step)
143 Min single-sided width for via hole pad of mil 4(1218um)3.54.5(35um)6(70um)8(105um)10140um
outer layer
144 Min. distance without copper exposure mil 8
when outline routing
145 Maximum insulation resistance(for test) 100
146 Hole resistance test board thickness limit mm 0.38-5.0
147 Hole resistance test aperture limit mm min:0.62mmmax0.25mm
148 ionic soil ug/cm2 ≤1
149 Copper stripping strength N/cm 7.8
150 Resistance weld hardness H 6
151 Resistance 94V-0
152 RCC material um copper foil:12,resin:65,100um(complete5590um)
153 Thkickness of blue glue mm 0.2-0.5
154 Min carbon pattern width mm 0.5mm
155 Hole resistance test aperture limit
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A: We accept both OEM and ODM orders. MOQ is 1 pcs.
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