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Wave Solding

      LingtechPCB  Wave soldering is to make the soldering surface of the plug-in board directly contact the high-temperature liquid tin to achieve the purpose of soldering. The high-temperature liquid tin maintains an inclined plane, and a special device makes the liquid tin form a wave-like phenomenon, so it is called “wave soldering”. The main material is solder bars.

LingtechPCB uses Wave Soldering machine to solder the though hole components. It has better quality than hand soldering and faster too.

What are the characteristics of wave soldering?

Its main design features are: full use of modern scientific and technological means and the latest results of wave soldering technology,the pursuit of perfect functions, advanced performance, intelligent control and system modernization. Such equipment is expensive, complicated in maintenance, good welding quality, high in efficiency, and large in production capacity, so it is suitable for massproduction.


Advantages of wave soldering:


  • Suitable for high-capacity lead-free process requirements


  • Jinlida self-developed tenth-generation intelligent control software, technological process, graph, product count,


     automatic heating function



  • The equipment noise is less than 60 decibels, and the exhaust gas filtration and recovery system meets the environmental


      protection requirements of 5S dust-free workshop


  • Automatic positioning spray and spray tin, stepper motor drive spray, adjustable spray nozzle design, reduce the consumption


     of electricity and auxiliary materials by 25% compared with the same period of the previous year


  • Closed loop control of transportation system, precise control of PCB board preheating and welding time


  • The jet wave crest can make the shadow part of the SMD component welded flawlessly


  • The advection wave peak tin dross has very little oxidation, and the hump laminar wave makes the solder joints perfect


  • Three-stage 1.8m ultra-long micro-circulation hot air preheating uniformly and quickly raises the temperature of the PCB board,


     quick-discharge straight-pull design, easy maintenance


  • Adjustable isolation air knife to isolate the flux from entering the preheating box to ensure production safety


  • Automatic in and out of the tin furnace, automatic flux detection and extraction device, easy to maintain
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