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High Frequency PCB
High Frequency PCB
High Frequency PCB

High Frequency PCB

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High frequency PCB


High-frequency PCB is also called high-frequency PCB board or high-frequency PCB circuit board.


It is a high-frequency PCB board manufactured with high-frequency PCB material and has the characteristics


of high frequency, high reliability, low delay, large capacity, and high bandwidth. Lingtech-PCB is an experienced


full service PCB manufacturer who provides a reliable, superior-performing high-frequency PCB fab services.


Features of High frequency PCB:


  • DK ought to be tiny and also secure sufficiently, typically the smaller sized the much better, high DK might bring about signify


      transmission hold-up.


  • DF needs to be little, which generally impacts the top quality of signal transmission, the smaller.


     sized DF can make smaller sized signal waste as necessary.


  • The thermal expansivity must coincide with copper aluminum foil as high as feasible since the distinction will certainly bring about


      copper aluminum foil divided in the adjustments of chilly and also warmth.


  • Water absorptivity has to be reduced, high water absorptivity will certainly influence DK as well as DF when in a damp atmosphere.


  • Heat-resisting home, chemistry standing up to, effect endurance, remove standing up to need to be great.


LingtechPCB’s High frequency PCB Process Capability as below:


No. Item-High Frequency and Mixed Board Description Data and Model
1 Rogers Material RO3000 Series Ro3003Ro3006Ro3010Ro3035 Ro3203Ro3206Ro3210
2 Rogers Material RO4000 Series Ro4003CRo4350BRo4360Ro4533Ro4700Ro4835
3 Rogers Material RT5000 Series RT5870RT5880
4 Rogers Material RT6000 Series RT6002RT6035RT6006
5 Rogers PP S emi-cured adhesive Ro4403(4mil)Ro4450B(4mil)Ro44 50F(4mil)RO3001(1.5mil
6 Arlon Material Arlon Series DicladCucladIsocladAD Series CLTE eles
7 Arlon PP S emi-cured adhesive 25FR 10804mil)、25FR 21126mil)、Cuclad67001.5mil
8 Taconic Material Taconic Series TLXTLYRFTLCTLG Series CER10 eles
9 Taconic PP S emi-cured adhesive TP-324mil)、TPG4mil)、HT1.51.5mil)
10 Wanglin Material wangling F4BKF4BMF4BTP-1/2TF-1/2 CT330CT350CT440CT615
11 Finish copper thickness oz 0.5oZ – 2oZ
12 Material copper thickness oz 0.5oz – 1oZ
RO3000 Series 590*440mmSingle/Double Side 580*420mmMulti-layers
RO4000 Series 1200*430mmSingle/Double Side)、 880*600mmMulti-layers
RT5000 Series 590*440mmSingle/Double Side 580*420mmMulti-layers
13 Max finish board size RT6000 Series 590*440mmSingle/Double Side) 、580*420mmMulti-layers
F4BM Series 1480*430mmSingle/Double Side
TP/TF Series 180mm*180mmSingle/Double Side
CT Series 1200*430mmSingle/Double Side)、 880*600mmMulti-layers
14 Min finish board size All Material 0.5*1.0mm
15 The number of layers 1-32layers
16 High Frequerncy mixed pressure layers 4-32layers
17 Material mixed pressure Variety Rogers/Taconic/Arlon/Wanglin and FR-4
18 Min core thickness mil 4mil
19 Max PTFE array sizethickness≤ mm 16*18
20 Finish board thickness mm 0.13-8.0mm(Double Side) 0.4 -8.0mm(Multi-Layers)
Min PTFE material hole size mm 0.35
21 Dielectric constant Range 1-25
22 Material thickness tolerance mm ±0.05mm
23 Finish board thickness tolerance mm Board thickness≤1.0mm: ±0.1  Board thickness≤1.0mm: ±10%
24 Min Pattern Width tolerance mm ±20um
25 Min Pattern Width / Spacing mm 0.076mm
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