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In recent years, under the influence of the four major factors of increasing income, increasing consumption power,


rapid development of electronic information technology, active participation of multinational companies, and


competition between countries, the process of building the Internet of Things has accelerated.



Editable vector illustration on layers.


This is an AI EPS 10 file format, with transparency effects, gradients, one blend and one gradient mesh.


The characteristics of IoT PCB design are:


Possibility of denser circuits


Suitable for harsh environments


High tensile strength


Lightweight-in fact they can reduce weight by up to 95%.


Greater resistance


Improve speed and reliability


Clean circuit path-HDI board provides multiple wiring options. In addition, designers can use micro vias instead of


vias, which can greatly improve signal integrity.


Cost efficiency-reducing the need for layering has resulted in products and smaller sizes benefiting from


improvements in IOT pcb design, which also brings significant cost advantages.


With the development and complexity of PCBs, challenges are slowly being eliminated. The future is definitely the


driving force of technology and innovation, and smart PCB manufacturing can play a role in it.


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