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Rigid-Flex PCB
Rigid-Flex PCB
Rigid-Flex PCB

Rigid-Flex PCB

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Rigid-Flex PCB:


Rigid-Flex printed circuit boards are designed to provide solutions, and act as replacements for rigid PCBs. As the


name suggests, these circuit boards are a hybrid of flex and rigid circuits. The advantage of this type is that they


exhibit the benefits of both rigid as well as flexible circuit boards.Most rigid-flex circuit boards consist of multiple


layers of flexible circuit substrates attached to rigid boards externally and/or internally. The flexible substrates


are designed to be in a constant state of flex, and are usually formed in a flexed curve during manufacturing or


installation. This is dependent upon the design of the application


Rigid-Flex PCB

Features of Rigid-Flex PCB:


  • The designing of this board is a little bit difficult compared to a rigid circuit board because this module is designed


      according to a three-dimensional environment that also provides high spatial efficiency.


  • The main benefit of this board is that it provides highly flexible, decreases flex thickness and less expensive circuit




  • As on the tradition printed circuit board we can assemble large no of components on any side of a rigid circuit




  • Since the incorporation that exits among rigid and flex circuitry, a rigid-flex assembly does not use connectors


     among the  units. In its place, the flex circuitry electrically joins the scheme together.


  • The absence of connectors provides some benefits that are mentioned here.


  • It increases the capability of circuitry to send a signal with less distortion.


  • Houses precise impedance value.


  • It reduces joining issues like cold connections.


  • It also decreases the weight of the board.


  • Each rigid-flex printed circuit board divided into different parts that have different categories of layers and quantity.


  • The number of layers can be larger than the flexible portion and construction substance can be 


     FR4 (Flame Retardant) or polyimide.


Rigid-Flex PCBs

Rigid-Flex PCB Techincs Capacity:


No. Item Description Data and Model
1 FPC Main material Brand taiflexgraceth)、SY
2 PCB Material Brand SYITEQKB
3 Texture Texture Brand PI PET
4 Cover Film Brand taiflexgracethSY
5 Max Layers LAYER 1-56layerssample)、1-48layers(manufacture
6 Finish Board thickness mm 0.25-6.0mm(samplel Rigid – Flex PCB 0.25-6.0mm
7 Min Pattern Width / Spacing mm 0.05mm/0.05mm
8 Max finish board size mm 230*450mm
9 Finish Board thickness tolerance mm ±50.05mm
10 PP Thickness um 12.5um  25um  50um
11 Copper thickness um 12um  18um  36um  70um
12 Stiffener materail Variety FR4/PI/PET/SUS/PSA
13 Surface treatment Variety ENIGImmersion tinOSPimmersion silverplating gold
14 Min hole size mm Mechanical Hole 0.15mm Laser Hole0.1mm
15 Hole tolerance mm NPTH:±0.05mm PTH:±0.075mm
16 Cover film color Variety Yellow  Black
17 PI thickness mil 0.5mil0.7mil0.8mil1mil2mil
18 Max number of layers of FPCB 1-8layers
19 Min finished size mm 5mm*8mm
20 Min pad mm inner layer5mil)、outer layer4mil
21 Stiffener min size mm 4mm×5mm
22 Stiffener max size mm 32mm×32mm
23 Stifferner alignment accuracy mm ±0.075mm
24 Cover minimum openning size mm 0.6×0.6mm(steeling tooling)0.5×0.5mm(Precision tooling)
25 Minimum openning spacing for covering film mm 0.5mm(Precision tooling)0.2mmLaser Routing)、
0.15mm(Normal drilling)
26 Coating film overflow amountunilateral mm Normal0.08-0.12mm  Limitation0.03mm
27 Min diameter of gold finger semicircle hole mm 0.25mmNormal value0.3mm
28 Rigid-Flex PCBPeel-off strength N 1.4N
29 Rigid-Flex PCBPlaneness um Less than 15um before baking; less than 30um after baking
30 Rigid-Flex PCBthermal shock 288℃(3 times within 10 seconds
31 Rigid-Flex PCBW/B gold wire pull g > 6g
32 Rigid-Flex PCBmin.board thickness mm FPCB 0.1mm4Layers 0.3mm6Layers 0.5mm8Layers 0.6mm
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