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Communication Product

Communication Product

In the field of communications, circuit boards are widely used in wireless networks, Internet of Things, data centers and other fields.


Related products include communication backplanes, IOT Module PCB, Fibre-Optical Module PCB, Communication base station


PCB, multifunctional metal substrates, etc.



With the development of the Internet of Things and 5G, it has had a huge impact on the communication PCB industry.


In 5G line base stations and IoT hardware facilities, the application of PCBs will increase substantially. At the same time, 5G terminal


devices such as mobile phones and smart watches also need to be updated with communication technology. This part of the PCB


demand is far greater than the infrastructure part. In summary, on the one hand, there is an increase in quantity, and on the other hand,


an increase in technical difficulty leads to an increase in costs.


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