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Light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, are an increasingly popular lighting technology used for residential and commercial


lighting and across numerous industries including the automotive, medical and computer technology sectors. LEDs


are favored for their energy efficiency, long life and compactness.


One role that PCBs play in LED applications is the transfer of heat away from the bulb. High temperatures decrease


the average life of LEDs. Because of this, PCBs used for LEDs are typically made with aluminum, which can transfer


heat better than other metals. This eliminates the need for an additional heat sink to a design and means it can be


more compact.


You can find LED PCBs in:


  • Residential lighting: LED lighting, including smart bulbs, help homeowners light their property more efficiently.


  • Storefront lighting: Businesses can use LEDs for signage and to light their stores.


  • Automotive displays: Dashboard indicators, headlights, brake lights and more may use LED PCBs.


  • Computer displays: LED PCBs power many indicators and displays on laptop and desktop computers.


  • Medical lighting: LEDs provide bright light and give off little heat, making them ideal for medical applications,


especially those related to surgery and emergency medicine.


LEDs are becoming increasingly common in a variety of applications,


meaning PCBs will likely continue to play a more prominent role in lighting.


LingtechPCB provides efficient and economical PCB LED lighting solutions


As a full-featured PCB solution supplier with more than ten years of experience, we can provide LED PCB


manufacturing, component procurement and assembly under one roof. We can cooperate with you to develop metal


core/aluminum circuit boards customized for your specific application. We provide competitively priced PCBs, made


of standard FR-4 materials, including hot aluminum cladding, which can effectively dissipate heat, keep all LED PCB


components cool and significantly improve your product performance.


We focus on providing excellent customer service

Lingtech PCB has a good reputation as an easy-to-do business PCB solution provider. Our knowledgeable support team


can answer your questions and resolve any concerns via phone, chat or email. So far,


we have achieved 99% customer satisfaction!


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